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모델명 : Bumper Pendulum
제조사 : ARIES
제조국 : Spain
품목명 : Bumper Pendulum
용 도 : Bumper Pendulum
설 명 :
Bumper Pendulum

Steel main structure.
Powerful AC electrical motor system to pull the pendulum towards the desired release angle.
Release clamp pneumatically assisted (safe design).
Heigth regulation by a second motor and rigid transmissions to regulate the heigth of the impact centre of percurssion (on upper structure).

Adjustable Payload Range: 700-2.700 Kg.
Max. Speed >16 Kph.
Arms Length: 3.500 Kg.
Impact Heigth Regulation: 350-700 mm. (continuosly)
Main covered standards: ECE R42, FMVSS 581, CANADA 215, ALLIANZ.
Speed Accuracy: better than 2%
Overall dimensions: 2.800 x 5.100 x 5.100 mm (width, length, heigth).


Elevation of the basket to a selected angle (speed characterization table)
Basket suspended on movable structure.
Front surface of the basket kept in vertical position from release to impact.
Basket empty weight is 700 kg.
Different metallic plates enable to increase the max. weight.

Electric crane-hoist to lift/drop and handle steel plates: User can manipulate the ballast by means of an articulated arm which is controlled from a wired control pad.
Interchangeable impact plates for the front surface of the basket.