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모델명 : MET-Series
제조사 : ETS Solutions
제조국 : 중국
품목명 : MET-Series
용 도 :
설 명 :

Multi-Excitation Testing Real World Vibration Simulation and Screening Tests 


An object (or specimen, samples) in the actual vibration environment subject to vibration excitation should be multi-directional, which means that vibration environment is actually a complex multi-degree of freedom vibration environment. As a result of limitations from vibration test equipment in the past, it has to rely on a single direction of vibration test (single-axis vibration testing) in the laboratory to simulate on-site vibration environment. The MET Series Multi-Axis vibration testing system consists of 3 single axis vibration test system specially engineered to function as one system. The MET Series system redefines how standard tests can be carried out. True replication of the actual environmental vibration condition in the laboratory can now be carried out to stimulate the real failure mode. It can effectively avoid over-testing or under-testing problems caused by single-axis vibration test, and thus increase products reliability and adaptability to actual environment.



  • Vibration system force rating from 300 kgf  to 7,000 kgf
  •  Higher system force is available
  • Simultaneous dual-axis or tri-axis vibration test
  • Vibration axis magnitude can be independently controlled to comply with the test requirement.
  • Temperature & humidity combined multi-axis simultaneous vibration test system available
  • Test frequency  up to 2000Hz
  • Auto dynamic and static armature centering
  • Air-cooled design, simple structure.



  • Real life vibration test replication
  • Squeak & Rattle Test
  • Automotive part testing with actual field data replication
  • Mil-Std 810G
  • Avionics parts testing
  • Transportation stress screening on medium sized devices
  • Structural test on medium size shipboard equipment


  • Complies with USA, European and international safety and EMC regulations
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor logic control unit
  • Reasonably priced optimal performance system for major test standards
  • Modular multi-cabinet design
  • All-encompassing fuse protection designed for high current system components
  • Interactive diagnostic ‘System Status’ displayed on LCD
  •  Integrated design, compact structure.
  • Compatible with any multi-axis MDOF vibration controller